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Monday, April 4, 2011

Ah, another controversial blog...

Prepare yourself - many of you will call me names after this...please understand, I don't give a damn.  I'm truly incredibly pissed off.  Why?  I. AM. SICK. AND. DAMN. TIRED. OF. PEOPLE. PLAYING. THE. RACE. CARD.  Oh yes, I said it.  Tired of it, it's bullshit.  It's like the boy who cried wolf...go ahead, keep using it - the lady in the library wouldn't help me because I'm black, that police officer arrested me because I'm black, that girl got chosen over me becaue I'm black.  KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF. The reality of it is, the lady in the library didn't help you because you're RUDE - just as she wouldn't have assisted a rude white person.  The police officer arrested you BECAUSE YOU BROKE THE LAW - just as he would have arrested a white person who broke the law.  The other girl got chosen over you BECAUSE SHE WAS MORE QUALIFIED, just as if you had the correct qualifications, you would have been chosen over her.

What has my panties all in a bunch, you ask?  Well, here's the hypothetical situation.  A business has a policy that if your account is sent to collections twice you can no longer receive services.  Your account is sent to collections twice.  You pay off your account (for the second time) and wish to retain the businesses services again.  You are explained the policy (again - as you were told after the first time what the policy is).  You cry and whine and attempt to win over the person you are speaking to on the phone.  You fail.  NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK BUT BECAUSE YOU WERE TOLD A YEAR AGO WHAT THE POLICY IS. A member of upper management has a moment of weakness and agrees to provide services to you again NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK BUT BECAUSE SHE FEELS BAD FOR YOU.  So, after it is determined that you will receive the business's services again, you have your rude and disrespectful daughter call and scream at office staff (because that will definitely help your cause).  Upper management renigs on the offer to provide services because your family members decide to use inappropriate language with the staff - again NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK.

You then call the owner of the business and scream racism over and over until the owner determines that we have to provide services to you.  And yes, we have to provide services to you now BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK.  P.S. We now absolutely hate everything about you and despise every inch of your nasty disgusting worthless skank ass - not because you are black, but because you are an uneducated boil on the ass of society.

This brings to mind another similar situation - hypothetical, of course.  A business has job openings.  Said business interviews.  Interviewees take a typing test before the Q & A portion of the interview.  ALL interviewees take the typing test.  Person 1 takes said typing test and ends up with 55 wpm.  Person 2 takes said typing test and ends up with 43 wpm.  Person 3 takes said typing test and ends up with 2 wpm.  I think we can all figure out who most definitely was not getting hired and why, right?  Wellllllll, Person 3 then files a lawsuit....yes, you read that correctly FILES A DAMN LAWSUIT CLAIMING DISCRIMINATION.  Discrimination?  Against what?  Uneducated dimwits?  People who can't type worth a damn that want office jobs? Please - are you kidding me?  No, I'm not. 

STOP playing the race card.  The thing that's going to happen is that one of these days, that race card is going to be valid and someone's going to use it and be ignored.  I'm not saying racism isn't out there - it is and bad.  I know, I see it.  Why make it worse, though?  This is where stereotyping (as bad as it is) comes into play.  Why do cheerleaders have a bad name?  Cuz one got busted in a bathroom giving blow jobs to the entire football team once....therefore, all cheerleaders are skanks, right?  Wrong.  But that's the perception because of how 1 or 2 behave. 

White people are spoiled and hate all minorities, right?  Wrong.  But that is the perception because over the past few thousand years, white people have screwed up A LOT and screwed over a lot of good people.  I am aware of my heritage.  I am aware that "my people" screwed a lot of people over. I'm sure there are probably even slave owners in my history.  I'm not proud of it, but it's my heritage.  I accepted it and moved on.  Why don't the rest of you?

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