Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unsung Heroes

I'm going to step away from the norm for a second here.  I usually rant about stupid people. I'm going to do a complete flip here.  I think that quite often there are unsung heroes in our lives that get very little, if any, recognition.

Easter Sunday I had the pleasure of eating dinner (a fabulous one, by the way) with some great people.  Among those great people was my friend's 86 year old grandmother.  She's quite a treat, I have to tell you!  Anyway, on the way home, I was thinking about my grandparents.  I tell my mom quite often (I think) how much I love and appreciate her.  I don't do that as much with my grandparents and I should. 

My grandparents helped raise me.  Some of my greatest memories are with my grandparents.  I used to spend weekends and weeks during the summer with them at their cabin.  My grandpa taught me how to fish and canoe.  They both attended just about every sporting/dance/music event that I was in.  My grandfather has long been my hero.  Since I grew up without a father, he was my surrogate.  He was everything a dad should be.  He loved me unconditionally - even when I screwed up.  He taught me how to use a hammer and encouraged me to build things.  He even let me paint the "spider house" that I built.  

My grandmother encouraged my intelligence.  She encouraged my reading and writing and also encouraged me in all of the sports that I did.  She carted me to multiple practices and girl scout meetings.  She has always been good for a hug.

That's not to say that we haven't had our differences. We've had some pretty big blow ups.  Those blowups, however, came when I was an "adult."  Meaning I was over 18, but had not yet learned to control my attitude and behavior.

These two people mean the world to me.  They have been there for me through EVERYTHING.  I have definitely been blessed to not only have my mom, but also my surrogate parents - grandma and grandpa.  I am a better person because of them.  Much of the advice that my grandmother gave me when I was young, I blew off.  I have learned to listen to what she says as she obviously knows what she is talking about. 

I love them with my entire heart and soul and hope that they know how much they mean to me.

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