Monday, January 28, 2013

It's in these moments...

that I am reminded why I coach.  We had a meet tonight.  We didn't win.  It doesn't matter.  I don't care that we didn't win - ok, I care a little, but in the big scheme of things, it's ok.  We found where there are some problem areas.  We saw places that need extra work.  We also saw a couple girls step up.  I watched an amazing young lady throw a killer vault tonight - twice.  Was it perfect?  Nope.  Why was it amazing?  Because it's a big ass vault and she did it.  That is enough.  I watched another young lady floor it (if you will) on floor.  Did she fall?  Yup.  Do I care?  Nope.  Why?  Because she had the guts to go for it.  I watched a girl who swore she would never compete beam, compete beam.  Did she fall?  Yup.  Does it matter?  Nope.  Why?  Because she conquered her fear and did it.  I watched a young girl nail a floor routine that she's needed all season.  

The best part?  That's not even the half of it.  That's only the beginning.  That's only mentioning a few of them.  That's not mentioning the goofy falls on beam where instead of tears we had laughter.  Why is that ok?  Well, because it's better to be able to laugh at yourself to move on than focus on the bad things.  It's done; you can't change it; move on. 

What topped out my entire evening was a text I received from one of the girls.  This is what it said....

"Hey Jamie, I just wanted to say your the best coach anyone can have!  You always bring me up when I'm down!  I'll be at practice tomorrow ready to work hard and get my bars and beam perfect for Wednesday!  Thank you for also being hard on me.  I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for you!  Love you!  See you tomorrow!"

Is there anything better than that?  Sometimes I wonder if these girls realize how much they mean to me.  They aren't just gymnasts that I coach.  These are my girls.  They are such a HUGE part of my life and I love each and every one of them with all of my heart. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Please feel free to...

G.T.F.O. of my way!!!!  Good grief.  I despise winter.  It's not the cold that bothers me, or the snow, or the sleet or the ice.  IT'S THE MORONS.  Every single stinking year IT SNOWS.  Why?  BECAUSE WE LIVE IN MICHIGAN.  That's what happens in the winter time.  This is not a new thing. 

I don't get it.  These people act like they have never seen snow before.  Then you end up dealing with the asshole drivers.  The first guy this morning was doing 25 down Holt Road.  TWENTY MOTHER LOVING FIVE.  Seriously? Yes, safety first, however YOU SIR, are more of a hazard.  Driving 25 is not doing anything but pissing off the 11 cars behind you who know that the roads ARE NOT THAT BAD.  I had to follow him all the way from Eifert to the 9th grade campus.  Someone shoot me.  Pretty sure I fell asleep at the wheel.

Then there's the dumb ass who opted to do 60 on Grovenburg.  He ended up in the ditch with his car half wrapped around a tree.  Yeah, not feeling any sympathy for you either.  It's not rocket science people.  You can be cautious without driving like a snail.  You can also be cautious and still get where you need to go wtihout driving like a raving lunatic. 

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, USE YOUR DAMN BRAINS.  Ugh, I grew up driving a full size FRONT WHEEL DRIVE Chevy Silverado in the winter.  Driving in the snow is NOT that big of a deal. 

The fact that I felt the need to blog this early in the morning and on a Monday does not bode well for the rest of the week.  I need a drink...

Sunday, January 6, 2013


So, we decided to get some gym gear this year.  I have been pretty excited about it since I have very limited gym gear and wanted more.  The girls got all the info and got it all organized and we got sweatshirts, t-shirts, and sweats.  (PS, many thanks to D & M for doing such a SPECTACULAR job and on short notice....we appreciate you!)

I remember the day we (the girls and I) were all deciding what we wanted put on the backs of our sweatshirts.  For some of them it's easy - they just go with the obvious and put their names.  For others, they want to be cute and put a nickname.  I debated for a bit and then asked Meg and she agreed with my decision for my sweatshirt.

Friday night our gear was delivered.  I LOVE IT!  Here's the front of the sweatshirt...

And I have to admit, I teared up a bit when I saw the back because I had forgotten....

I realize this means nothing to 99% of the people who are reading this and that's ok.  There are really only about 10 people who refer to me this way and only about 20 that know what it stands for.  But the thing is, I chose to put this on there in memory of the one person who said it the best and ALWAYS referred to me this way.  I chose to put it on my shirt because I will never get to hear him call me that ever again.

And somedays, like today, that hurts more than you can ever imagine.

RIP, Brinx, still miss and love you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time's a changin'

2012 was, well, it was a year.  I don't feel the need to rehash it.  We had some great times, we had some craptastic times, but it's over.  I'm also not going to set any foolish New Year's Resolutions.  I'm not stupid.  I don't follow thru with ANY of them. 

I will say this...things are changing.  Life is changing.  I'm working my ass off on accepting change - since anyone who knows me, knows that I despise change.  So, here's to change.  Here's to improvements.  Here's to obstacles and bumps in the road.  Here's to people in my own life accepting the changes that are coming and supporting them.  Here's t0 the people in my life who refuse to accept the changes and don't support. 

Time to grow up and move on and improve and be happy.  Here's to 2013!