Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End....of 2011 that is

I don't really have anything to say.  Actually, that's not true.  I have a lot to say, however, most of it I should keep to myself.  I can't be bothered to reflect on 2011.  It wasn't the worst year of my life, but it wasn't the best, either.  Lots of good things happened - I've reconnected with family that I had run away from.  I've almost finished school.  I've started coaching again.  All of these things are good.  There's been bad things too.  Friends getting sick - and by sick I don't mean the common cold.  That's the big one and the only one I'm willing to comment on at the moment.

I also can't be bothered to make any resolutions.  I find them pointless.  I make a resolution and stick to it for about a week and then give up.  So, instead I'll go with, I hope 2012 is good.

I'm in a funk today.  Mostly because of all the things that I want to blog about that I can't.  The things that frustrate me or piss me off - people who owe me over $2000 that completely fucked me over.  Being out $2000 because of that.  Other frustrations mostly in regard to money.  

Here's to hoping the next blog will be better.  Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Effing Shipping

Ok, we all know the holiday season brings out the "best" in people....this includes myself.  I know a lot of people who do all of their shopping online.  Many of these people swear by it.  As much as I hate shopping, I'm still a go in the store and grab shopper.  And, at Christmas time, I don't mind shopping because I love buying for other people.  Anyway, every year I end up purchasing a couple things online.  For the most part, it has not been an issue....until this year of course.

I ordered three items from a business that for the time being has to remain unamed.  I paid through the nose (and gave up an arm and a leg) for 3 day select UPS shipping.  I placed the order on December 13 and was GUARANTEED delivery by Friday, December 16.  Well, on December 16, I received two of the three items.  Of course, my little receipt shows that my order has been filled.  I called the business and spoke to a lovely young lady who explained that the third item is shipped from a different location so I should give it until Monday. 

Yesterday came and went with no delivery.  Today, our friendly UPS guy came in but not with a package for me.  So, I called again.  The same young lady told me the same damn thing.  I asked her for the tracking number.  She finally emailed it to me and it shows the package will be delivered tomorrow (of course it's being delivered to work and I have tomorrow off...*sigh*).  Ok, here's the thing - I ordered this on December 13.  I paid almost $30 for 3 day select which guarantees it here by the 3rd business day.  If the order was not placed until the 14th then they would have had until Monday - I was willing to give on that.  No big deal.  However, it clearly shows on the UPS tracking site that the third item order wasn't even placed until the 16th.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?  WHAT THE FUCK DID I PAY $30 FOR 3 DAY DELIVERY.  I'm annoyed.  Yes, it will get here before Christmas.  That's great.  However, if you were going to sit on it for 3 days before placing the order, why the hell did I hack off my arm and leg to pay for your stupid shipping. 


Sunday, December 18, 2011


Motivation comes in all forms doesn't it?  For example, I was motivated to blog two separate things actually.  First, my sister posted a link to a blog on my wall.  The woman's blog is SPECTACULAR.  She's hysterical and realistic and pretty much made my day.  I felt I should blog because well, I don't know, it just seemed right.

The second thing was an "experience" we had today.  Now, most people who know me know that we do our Christmas shopping last minute.  By last minute I mean that normally on Christmas Eve, we are finishing our shopping.  This is normal for us.  It appears this year we are a bit ahead of the game.  I now know why it is that I do the majority of my shopping on Christmas Eve.

We went to Best Buy today to exchange my Harry Potter Lego game because it's jacked up.  So, we toodle in and wait in the line for the customer service desk.  It wasn't really a long line.  There were two people being helped in front of us and then us.  

We get up to the counter and the guy says we can just go grab another game and then bring it back up to exchange.  He told us not to wait in line, to just go straight to the counter. We went and got the game and walked back to the customer service desk.  The line at this point probably had about 20 people in it.  Not real sure what happened in the 5 minutes it took us to grab the game, but obviously a crap ton of people walked in with issues that could only be handled at the customer service counter.

We waited off to the side by the counter because the guy was helping another customer.  Their transaction was taking a while - which was no big deal for us, we were in no hurry.  He said to us, "I'm sorry, I will be with you in just a minute."  We told him no worries.  It was at this point that my utter hatred for dumb asses popped up yet again.  This moronic douche bag that was standing in line pops out his hip (much like Megan does when she's got an attitude) and shakes his puny little head and shouts, "NO, YOU WILL HELP ME NEXT. I was here first."  

Let me paint a picture for you - imagine Steve Urkel only white with skinny jeans and a receding hair line.  Definitely sexy - and yeah, he knew it.  *vomits*  Anyway, the employee looked at him and said very calmly and professionally, "actually, they were here first, but they had to go get their exchange."  The Urkel wannabe sputters for a minute and then tries to back step his obnoxiousness.  He failed.

Seriously??  Ok, I get that you're frustrated because you think we cut in line, but can you at least ATTEMPT to be an adult or do you just automatically go from nerdwholivesinhismomsbasement to douchebag?  Just curious.  I, of course, looked at Phil and said, "I hate people." 

I love Christmas.  I love giving.  I wish I had millions of dollars so I could spoil the hell out of all my loved ones.  I just can't stand people.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just STOP.

People spend a lot of time complaining...myself included.  I know that I am incredibly bad - I whine and complain constantly.  Sorry - I'm working on it.  Sometimes, though, we get little reminders about why we shouldn't whine and complain.  As of late, I've heard a lot of bitching from both kids and adults.  To be honest, I'm pretty tired of it.  Here's the thing...put your bitching in perspective.  Is what's going on in your life really that bad?  I've been bitching a lot about being busy.  Like today - I work from 7-3 and the go directly to the gym for practice from 3:15-5 and then I have 2 floor routines to choreograph and then a hair appointment at 7 and I still have homework for the new class AND our Christmas tree STILL isn't decorated.  Whining?  Yep.  Necessary?  Absolutely not.  Why?  Well, let's look at a few things...

I have two friends battling cancer.  They truly have the weight of the world - granted, their world - on their shoulders.  They both have great faith, which helps, but still.  I am not even going to mention what their families may be experiencing because I think sometimes people forget about the actual "sick" person.  I feel for their families, but I feel more for them.  Stand in their shoes for a moment - see how you feel....THEN bitch. 

I know a beautiful 12 year old girl also battling cancer.  I cannot imagine what her parents are going through, let alone what she herself has to endure, and yet they do not complain.

I just heard of an 11 year old boy who is battling cancer for the THIRD time. Wow.  That makes my exhaustion look pretty pitiful doesn't it?

What about my friend who just now in her adult life decided to speak out about 7 years of child abuse?  The strength and courage that took is beyond me. 

How about my friend who just laid her brother to rest?  Loss at any time of the year is hard but near the holidays it's even worse. 

Then there's the young lady my daughter's age struggling with an eating disorder. 

My point here is not so much to make you feel bad for these people.  Each person is obviously amazingly strong.  The point is that sometimes we seem to think our lives are so bad when in reality, it's really quite fabulous.  I want you all to know I know how fabulous my life is.  I know it appears that I bitch a lot....I would hope if you know me that you know that a lot of the time, my bitching is in good fun.  I love my life.  I have a husband that adores me, beautiful, intelligent, well-mannered healthy children, a mother that loves me, a couple other mom's who keep watch over me, a family that is huge and full of support, a best friend (or 2) that I can go to if all else fails, and endless love from friends.  My life is GREAT.

How about yours?  Just STOP for two seconds - look around you...look at the people who are actually TRULY suffering and decide right now, is your life really that bad?  How about just for a moment you forget about your trivial bitches and embrace someone who is really hurting and in need?