Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just STOP.

People spend a lot of time complaining...myself included.  I know that I am incredibly bad - I whine and complain constantly.  Sorry - I'm working on it.  Sometimes, though, we get little reminders about why we shouldn't whine and complain.  As of late, I've heard a lot of bitching from both kids and adults.  To be honest, I'm pretty tired of it.  Here's the thing...put your bitching in perspective.  Is what's going on in your life really that bad?  I've been bitching a lot about being busy.  Like today - I work from 7-3 and the go directly to the gym for practice from 3:15-5 and then I have 2 floor routines to choreograph and then a hair appointment at 7 and I still have homework for the new class AND our Christmas tree STILL isn't decorated.  Whining?  Yep.  Necessary?  Absolutely not.  Why?  Well, let's look at a few things...

I have two friends battling cancer.  They truly have the weight of the world - granted, their world - on their shoulders.  They both have great faith, which helps, but still.  I am not even going to mention what their families may be experiencing because I think sometimes people forget about the actual "sick" person.  I feel for their families, but I feel more for them.  Stand in their shoes for a moment - see how you feel....THEN bitch. 

I know a beautiful 12 year old girl also battling cancer.  I cannot imagine what her parents are going through, let alone what she herself has to endure, and yet they do not complain.

I just heard of an 11 year old boy who is battling cancer for the THIRD time. Wow.  That makes my exhaustion look pretty pitiful doesn't it?

What about my friend who just now in her adult life decided to speak out about 7 years of child abuse?  The strength and courage that took is beyond me. 

How about my friend who just laid her brother to rest?  Loss at any time of the year is hard but near the holidays it's even worse. 

Then there's the young lady my daughter's age struggling with an eating disorder. 

My point here is not so much to make you feel bad for these people.  Each person is obviously amazingly strong.  The point is that sometimes we seem to think our lives are so bad when in reality, it's really quite fabulous.  I want you all to know I know how fabulous my life is.  I know it appears that I bitch a lot....I would hope if you know me that you know that a lot of the time, my bitching is in good fun.  I love my life.  I have a husband that adores me, beautiful, intelligent, well-mannered healthy children, a mother that loves me, a couple other mom's who keep watch over me, a family that is huge and full of support, a best friend (or 2) that I can go to if all else fails, and endless love from friends.  My life is GREAT.

How about yours?  Just STOP for two seconds - look around you...look at the people who are actually TRULY suffering and decide right now, is your life really that bad?  How about just for a moment you forget about your trivial bitches and embrace someone who is really hurting and in need?

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