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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I realize I can be, ummmm, well, ok, a little bit (a lotta bit) overly protective of my children.  I know that some people disagree with the things that I do NOT allow them to do.  I'm sure there are some that disagree with the things I DO allow them to do as well, but whatever.  It is what it is and I am who I am.  

Both of my children have facebook.  Both of my children are well aware of the fact that I stalk their facebook.  Not only do I stalk their pages from my own, but I also log in under them from time to time and stalk.  That is my right and those are the rules.  Why do I do that?  To keep my kids safe primarily.  Also, to find out what is going on in their lives that they don't tell me about. 

For example, learning of the raging parties where the alcohol and drugs are distributed freely.  To learn by seeing their friends pages who is taking part in the alcohol and drugs.  To educate myself so as not to be completely blind-sided when I find out my child is taking part.  Obsessive?  Some may say yes.  I say protective.

Here's the thing, I know that one of my children has a mouth.  Well, both do, but one is far more vocal.  Anyway, I am also not blind to the fact that that mouth is not always "clean."  I'm not stupid.  I know said mouth is probably as bad as mine.  Said child knows that I know this.  All of that said, both of my children know that it is considered absolutely completely and totally unacceptable to be cussing on their facebook pages.  SERIOUSLY?  I do not allow "slang" cuss words either - "eff" is not allowed.  "af" is not allowed.  NONE of that is allowed.  Why?  Well first of all, that's just inappropriate.  Intelligent, well-mannered children do not cuss and swear in public - which facebook is regardless of how "private" you think your profile is.  And secondly, it makes the parents look like disgusting trash.

When your child posts something on his or her facebook page that says something along the lines of "bitch, ur ugly 'af" and you let it go, not only does your child come off as trash, but so do you.  YOU look like a bad parent.  YOU look like you have taught your children NO manners.  What really irritates the hell out of me is when the parents respond to such a post and say something like "haha, so true."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?

Ugh.  I love facebook.  I vent on facebook.  I play on facebook.  I hate facebook.  I hate that I gave in and allowed my kids to have facebook.  I wish facebook didn't exist.  I wish parents paid attention.  Since that is not the case, I wish parents took the time to stalk their kids.  I wish they could open their eyes and see that even though your child says, "he did this and she did this, but I didn't do this" that that is utter bullshit.  You think your child tells you everything, I assure you, that is not the case.  You heard rumors about what another child did that floored you.  The reality is, it was your child, but no one wants to tell you.  

At what point are parents going to parent?  WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION!  You only get to  instill good morals and values for a limited period of time - then it's up to them.  Don't you want better for them?  Sheesh, be selfish - do you really want to look like trash?  Like the parent who agrees with their child when he/she calls someone else a bitch.  Ugh.


  1. Dear OPM (overprotective mom), I am probably responsible for this trait in you. I am NOT sorry. I knew where you were at all times growing up...even if you couldn't find me. I did not allow you to call others names. You didn't do it where I could hear you.

    We did not have a computer. Who could afford one. I heard your side of all your phone conversations even if I walked out of the room...I have excellent hearing. As well as eyes in the back of my head.

    Parents are the ones who have to teach morals, respect, and manners. By the time they get to school it is too late. Today's children have no respect for anyone, not even themselves. Probably because their parents don't respect them as people either.

    If you are a parent who wants more for your child you have to set the example. You have to teach them values, morals, and respect for others. It doesn't come naturally. It is not learned by osmosis. It is taught by parents. YOU are your child's first teacher. You have five years to teach these things before you send them off to school. (Where they should respect classmates and teachers). Those children are invariably the "nerds" in class. They have high expectations for themselves and know how to show respect. Those "nerds" are one day going to rule the world. Don't you want your child to do that too?

    Is getting off her soapbox now.