Sunday, November 13, 2011

My perfection

So, I spend a lot of my blogging time bitching about some thing or another.  I would like to think that those who know me know that I am not that person.  I'm actually a pretty happy person, I just prefer to share the stupid and annoying stuff mostly because it's funny and I love to make people laugh - even if it is at my expense. 

Anyway, I was pondering last night how blessed I am.  My life is perfect.  By perfect, I mean it's flawed in all the right ways.  I try to keep some parts of my life private.  There are some things that don't need to be shared.  I'm also not one to be a blubbering sappy fool in public.  That said, I want to take a moment to share why I think my life is perfect.

11 1/2 years ago I married my soulmate.  I am sure when we got married there were a great many people (some of my family included) who never thought this marriage would last.  In all honesty, I'm not sure Phil and I thought it would last to begin with.  This man is by far the absolute most perfect man for me.  Is he perfect? Absolutely not, but guess what - neither am I.  Does he have annoying habits?  Absolutely, but so do I. Does he occasionally piss me off?  Sure, but you guessed it - I piss him off too.  The thing is, he is my everything.  He loves me like no one else on this planet can.  He takes care of me.  He listens to me bitch.  He's been through hell with me.  He tolerates - and even likes - my family....most of them.  He's intelligent - so I can have intelligent conversations with him.  I find him incredibly handsome.  I, honestly, cannot ever imagine my life without him.

I have 4 beautiful children.  Although, 2 of them are adults, they are still my kids.  Like Phil, they are not perfect, but they are mine and they are perfect in every way that is important to me.  They make me laugh.  They make me proud and they even make me cry.  They are worth every breath I take. 

I have a beautiful home that I love.  I have a job with an amazing boss.  I have an obnoxious little devil dog.  I have all the creature comforts that I need and most of what I want.

I have the most amazing support system on the planet.  I have the best friend a girl could ask for.  Trista is my rock.  She is and always has been there for me.  She is my lifeline.  My family is amazing - both sides.  I think I'm pretty lucky to have two different families.  Some might find that annoying - I see it as more people to love me and my husband and kids.  Do they drive me nuts?  Sure, but like with Phil - I know I do the same to them.

I've got some kick ass friends.  Those that I spend a lot of time with and those friends that even though I don't spend a lot of time with them that I know are there for me if I need them. Who can ask for more than that?

My life is crazy and busy and hectic and stressful and annoying.  My life is perfect.

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