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Monday, November 14, 2011


So, I've spent some time coaching.  I'd like to think I was a good influence in their lives, but of course, I don't always know.  I've got a bunch of kids on my facebook and love it.  This conversation I stumbled on today that pretty much brought tears to my eyes...yes, I'm a sap, but it's moments like these when I realize that at least for some of the kids, I made a difference...

Gymnast 1's original post on Gymnast 2's wall - "i misssss youuuuu' (:"
G2 - "miss youuuu too"

The post goes on for a bit with them discussing when they can get together and then...
G1 - "have you talked to anyone from gymnastics"
G2 - then names a couple she has spoken to and a couple she wishes she had contact with

The conversation goes on a bit with the reminiscing about gymnastics and then
G1 - "omg, i miss jamie!  i haven't seen her in forever! she was my fav coach (:"
G2 - "i'm friends with her...i miss her was so sad when she left she was the best"

That whole conversation COMPLETELY made my day.  I love all the girls I have coached over the years.  I miss them more than any of them can imagine and I hold them all dear even now.  I'm certainly NOT the best coach - no where near it, but I appreciate that they loved me and still think of me.  I feel special <3

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  1. I know those moments. They are better than any paycheck ever could be. They make all the grief and bs worthwhile. <3 I love you.