Sunday, December 18, 2011


Motivation comes in all forms doesn't it?  For example, I was motivated to blog two separate things actually.  First, my sister posted a link to a blog on my wall.  The woman's blog is SPECTACULAR.  She's hysterical and realistic and pretty much made my day.  I felt I should blog because well, I don't know, it just seemed right.

The second thing was an "experience" we had today.  Now, most people who know me know that we do our Christmas shopping last minute.  By last minute I mean that normally on Christmas Eve, we are finishing our shopping.  This is normal for us.  It appears this year we are a bit ahead of the game.  I now know why it is that I do the majority of my shopping on Christmas Eve.

We went to Best Buy today to exchange my Harry Potter Lego game because it's jacked up.  So, we toodle in and wait in the line for the customer service desk.  It wasn't really a long line.  There were two people being helped in front of us and then us.  

We get up to the counter and the guy says we can just go grab another game and then bring it back up to exchange.  He told us not to wait in line, to just go straight to the counter. We went and got the game and walked back to the customer service desk.  The line at this point probably had about 20 people in it.  Not real sure what happened in the 5 minutes it took us to grab the game, but obviously a crap ton of people walked in with issues that could only be handled at the customer service counter.

We waited off to the side by the counter because the guy was helping another customer.  Their transaction was taking a while - which was no big deal for us, we were in no hurry.  He said to us, "I'm sorry, I will be with you in just a minute."  We told him no worries.  It was at this point that my utter hatred for dumb asses popped up yet again.  This moronic douche bag that was standing in line pops out his hip (much like Megan does when she's got an attitude) and shakes his puny little head and shouts, "NO, YOU WILL HELP ME NEXT. I was here first."  

Let me paint a picture for you - imagine Steve Urkel only white with skinny jeans and a receding hair line.  Definitely sexy - and yeah, he knew it.  *vomits*  Anyway, the employee looked at him and said very calmly and professionally, "actually, they were here first, but they had to go get their exchange."  The Urkel wannabe sputters for a minute and then tries to back step his obnoxiousness.  He failed.

Seriously??  Ok, I get that you're frustrated because you think we cut in line, but can you at least ATTEMPT to be an adult or do you just automatically go from nerdwholivesinhismomsbasement to douchebag?  Just curious.  I, of course, looked at Phil and said, "I hate people." 

I love Christmas.  I love giving.  I wish I had millions of dollars so I could spoil the hell out of all my loved ones.  I just can't stand people.  


  1. I want a new F-250 extended cab with a 9'2 boss V plow...just so you know when you start shopping with all of your millions...

  2. Sorry it's a family trait. I hate people. Remember me, woman who wants to live in middle of nowhwere? Still looking for nowhere.