Friday, April 22, 2011


Whatever. People suck.  I know this seems to be a theme with my blogs, but it's the truth.  Today's sucky people are "friends." I'm not talking about real friends, I'm talking about those fake ass people that pretend to be your friends.  My mom used to call them "fair-weather friends."  Basically, those are the "friends" that are there for you when it's convenient for them.

Now, I know I can be accused of being just this kind of friend.  To some extent with some people, I am.  I know that, though.  The thing is, if you are really my friend - someone I can rely on, someone I can share things with, someone I love, then you know that I will do anything for you.  I am a bitch, but I love with all my heart - sometimes more than I should.

I'm annoyed with the people that you can spend months talking to daily.  You tell them damn near to everything.  You find that you have some things in common, but it doesn't matter that you're not exactly alike because you just like talking to them.  These are the people you think (and hope) will be a part of your life forever.  Then one day, it stops.  There may be a reason or there may not, but it stops.  They are "too busy" to talk to you. 

The reality of it is that they found someone new to talk to.  I have had the "blessing" of dealing with these types of people more than I care to admit.  One only had time for me when she was between boyfriends.  Another only had time for me if her other friend was busy.  Recently, one had time for me until they had an "epiphany."  Apparently, this epiphany dictated that we should no longer speak. BUT when around, that person expects me to speak to them as if everything was normal.  

What kind of crap is that?  You're either my friend or you're not.  Make up your damn mind.  Wait.  Scratch that, I just made up MY mind.  You're not.  Consider yourself "unfriended."


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  1. Bummer...sorry to hear that. Yes, I've been there, never did find out the reason on one occasion. BUT! I have more friends, and better ones than that now. Including you! Seriously if you need me all ya gotta do is call...or text...or come over...or send Phil...or have Phil call...or get the picture! :D