Monday, April 11, 2011

Frustration Central

Ah yes, another area where many will disagree with me.  And again - I don't much care.  I'm frustrated and annoyed with some of the sports programs here.  This will probably make me come off looking like I think my kid is the queen of the world.  That is not the case.  First of all, there's something in the water here that tends to make the kids slow and lazy.  Maybe that's parenting.  I don't know.  The kicker is, for other people's kids, that's fine.  Not for mine, though.

My kids have high aspirations.  Because of parenting?  Maybe.  My kids set high standards for themselves.  Because of parenting?  Maybe.  My kids have BIG dreams.  Because of parenting?  Maybe.  Here's the thing.  Meg is fast.  The kid can frickin run.  I was a runner in school and I was decent.  I wasn't the best, but I spent a lot of time near the top.  Meg is by far a better runner then I could ever have dreamed of being.  She wants to run.  She loves to run.  I ran because I didn't have anything else to do. 

She killed it in cross country.  She was fantastic.  We realized - as did her coach - that she has great potential.  Here's where we difer with the coach, though.  He doesn't feel the need to push - at all.  Well, let me tell ya something.  I coached her in gymnastics.  The kid will give you only what you ask for.  That's not to say she can't or isn't capable of more, but she's only going to give what she feels like giving in practice unless you push.  It's just who she is.  

Now we're into track season.  One coach wants her to focus on the 3200.  Obviously, she can run it and run it well.  Meg wants to do the mile, 400 and 800.  She has successfully kicked some behind on those events as well.  My thoughts - train her on all.  Why not?  What do you have to lose?  It's possible.  I did it.  It's not unheard of.  

Another frustration - Holt's track and cross teams start training WAY too late.  Then later in the season, the coaches wonder why they keep losing.  Well, East Lansing has been training for over a month.  Huh, I wonder why their kids are more prepared.

I want my daughter to obtain her goals.  I want to help her.  I want someone to give her a push.  If it has to be me, so be it.  I've done it before and I'll do it again.  The child is talented and can do so much more if given a little shove.

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  1. Push, you know she needs it. Have Daddy clock her at the track after school. And yes, let her run them all.
    You used to start training in March. Your first meets were in April. We used to miss spring break for them.
    Love you