Friday, April 27, 2012

Dumb Ass of the Day

I've decided I'm changing the name of my blog.  The new title will be "Dumb Ass of the Day."  I am forced to endure far too many interactions with dumb asses, so I surely think there should be a blog so everyone can appreciate them.  What do you think?

For example, it is now 12:11 p.m. on Friday.  FRIDAY, DAMMIT!  IT'S FRICKIN FRIDAY!  As stated in my previous blog, Fridays should be entirely clear of morons.  However, as that is not the case, I shall continue my list of people who need to be tased and determine where they fall on the list of Dumb Asses of the Day.  I'll have to figure out how to rate these idiots.

Another enlightening phone call....

"Hi, I have an account with you. The account number is blah blah blah."

I pulled up the account, note that the insurance company left a copay and deductible and prepare myself for the endless list of excuses. I ask her to verify her name and DOB which she does with very little trouble (you would be surprised how many people have issues with this). Then she starts....

"This is actually workers comp."

Can I mention to you that the claim is from September?  As in from 7 months in we have been sending her bills for 6 months. So, I ask the stupidest question ever...."Ok, did you give this information to anyone at the time of service?"

Moron - "Well, no.  I didn't think I needed to give anyone all of that.  I just figured you guys would figure it out."

It is at this point that I ponder stabbing myself with my scissors but instead envision her being jolted with my phone taser. I say to her, very calmly I might add, "No, contrary to popular belief, we are not mind readers.  If you want us to bill someone other than the insurance you gave us at the time of service, you should probably let us know."

Moron - "Well you don't have to be all snippy about it." (Can you sense my eye rolling)

I got her stupid workers comp info and took care of it.  But SHEESH WTF?!?!?!  Seriously???  Yes, yes, you are a dumb ass.

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  1. Should have called you when she got the first bill. How on earth were you supposed to know it was workmans comp if she didn't tell you. DUH...double tase