Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Women are evil...

No joke.  That is one true statement.  Women are evil bitches.  Ok, so there are a chosen few who are not, but for the most part we are all evil and all bitches.  I admit it, I am both.  Let's move on...

My rant for today includes those women who choose to treat their men (boyfriend, fiance, husband, whatever) like dog shit.  It's pretty common knowledge that all women like to be told they are beautiful.  It's even better if the person saying it is their significant other.  It's fantastic when it's a random stranger.  Anyway, I wonder how many women stop to think about their men.  I realize that most men will not admit to wanting to hear that a female finds them attractive, but it's true - they do.

Do you tell the one you love how sexy he is?  Do you tell him how good he looks?  Or are you one of those obnoxious bitches who professes her undying love for him and then tells him that she's not attracted to him - or that he needs to go workout. 

What really pisses me off is that the women that do these types of things are usually fat ass lazy fucking cows.  I'm serious - it's not the skinny, fit, beautiful women telling their SO that he's getting fat.  The women doing it are true lard asses themselves.  SERIOUSLY???  That's sorta the pot calling the kettle black isn't it?  That kind of shit really bugs the fuck out of me.

Coming from someone with obnoxiously low self-esteem - when a fucking fat ass ugly cow hints that I need to "do some work"  even though I try to hide it, it hurts me.  I can't imagine if Phil were to look at me and tell me that I was a fat ass - even though it's true.  I can't imagine him telling me that he's not attracted to me - I would be crushed.  

DON'T do that to the man you claim to love.  That's utter bullshit and you should be punched hard in the face with a brick.

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