Thursday, March 1, 2012

The things I do...

Some of you may recall a comment I made yesterday...something along the lines of "oh the things I do for these doctors."  Well, let me just tell you the story.  You may not find it as funny as we did, but I'm going to share anyway.  

Yesterday morning, one of the doc's called and asked for a favor.  Now, luckily for him, I did not answer the call.  My bff Carri answered the phone.  This doctor asked if one of us could go upstairs to another doctor's office and pick up this tanning thing for him.  Apparently it was some form of tanning apparatus that you can use at home.  I guess he's going on vacation and wants to get a base tan or something equally as cheesy.  Carri laughed while she spoke to him but delivered the message to me.  She couldn't go get it because she is VERY pregnant and we weren't sure the size.  I, being the asshole that I am, ran to my computer and shot him a text page that said, "OMG - are you seriously kidding me??"

He, of course, called right back. Initially he asked to speak to me but then recanted and decided that Carri (in her hysterical laughter) could just deliver a message.  It was something along the lines of "tell her I'm going to send her pictures of me all tan in my thong."  I don't remember exactly what it was, but it did force me to run back to my computer and shoot him another text page.  This one said, "I just puked a little in my mouth." 

I then ran upstairs, like the good gopher that I am, and got his stupid tanning thingy.  When I returned to my office, I put a note on it that said, "Happy Tanning,  Dr. Pretty Boy."

Well, this morning, I got to work and found this....

Can you read it??  It says, "The tanner worked great!!  Look at all the color I got in just one night.  Now look who's laughing."  

Dr. Pretty Boy came to visit us later...

Unfortunately the picture isn't very good because I couldn't stop laughing when I was trying to take it, but his face is actually BEET red.  It's absolutely hysterical and pretty much made my day!!!!!

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