Saturday, March 31, 2012

Please....just stop....

I am a firm believer in higher education - obviously, I'm in college now, right?  Here's the thing, some of the people in my classes are so....what's the word??  How can I say this nicely...hmmm, nope, I can't.  Some of these people are so fucking stupid they just need to drop out and go work at McDonald's or something.  I get that not everyone can write.  I also know that we've got a pretty damn good (incredibly nit picky) grammar checker that can be used thru school so that SHIT like this doesn't get posted...

"I agree with you in regards that there are times when is not necessary to disclose information to everyone. From the owners stand point is different that the employees' view. Having a lawsuit in the financial statements only when it meets the requirements to have it disclose. If you disclose a lawsuit that is not necessary can hurt the company when applying for a loan or looking for investors to invest in the company."

Seriously?  What the fuck does that even say?  Please do not tell me that you actually expect me to come up with some form of response to that.


  1. Can you correct the grammatical errors? Ask them for further explanation?

  2. Whoa, this person deserves to fail the course. You cannot "communicate" like that in the real world. If someone wrote the horribly at my job, they'd be relegated to mundane and unimportant busy work. No hope for advancement.