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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You're gonna charge me?

Got an email today.  Sorta pissed me off.  LOL!  I lie.  It seriously pissed me off.  The email was from the devil bitch band director at my daughter's school.  (Not a fan of her - can you tell?)  She did a mass email to all of the parents to notify us of when the next concert is.  Fantastic!  I like it when they send an email.  I can keep track of things and put them on our crazy calendar.  

As I read further into the email, though, I got annoyed.  Apparently, the next concert the kids are required to play at is in the evening for the band booster's spaghetti dinner.  So, we parents can sit and "enjoy" the dinner and bid on the auction items.  My issue?  Well, first of all, I sure would like more information.  If it's a fundraiser, am I going to be required to pay to watch my child's concert?  I'm not interested in eating the food.  Second, I don't like being tricked into things.  That's bullshit.  

I already can't stand this lady.  She's a hag among other things.  I'm actually not putting my son in band because of her.  Whining?  A little, but it's how I feel.


  1. Yeah it sounds like a ploy to make the parents captive to the 'fundraiser' and thus they receive more funds.. load. of. crap.

  2. Are they making you provide the spaghetti for the dinner. You do remember Harvest dinners where there wasn't enough food to go around?

  3. I haven't been to a meeting lately, but I *think* you can attend and not eat dinner. I don't know for sure I'll go to the next meeting and find out.

    I have to pay to walk into every school my daughter competes at, even if it's in Holt PLUS I have to pay the fees for her solo classes on top of that...not that big a deal.

    The band boosters pay for a lot of stuff (for the kids) w/ that fundraiser money, if you want more information, join the group then you'll get it first hand. That's why I'm there, I was tired of getting "oh yeah Mom, I have a concert tonight" at 4:35pm and he has to be there at 6:30 and oh yea...can't find his band shirt, pants or shoes.

    I actually never had a problem w/ the "devil bitch" but I've heard some of the other girls say they have.

  4. See, I'm pretty sure, Lynn, that if I didn't hate her so much, this whole thing would not have irritated me. The reality is, it's really not that big of a deal but I seriously want to punch her in the face. For example, today (while Megan is on crutches and is suppose to leave class 5 minutes early as an attempt to miss the between classes rush) she made Megan wait until everyone was out of class before letting her leave. SERIOUSLY?!?! She obviously has a beef with my kid and I would certainly appreciate it if she could act like a grown up and let me know what the problem is instead of just being a psycho devil bitch from hell. Ya know?!

  5. Yea, I've heard similar stories from other girls, maybe she just doesn't like girls? Idk. That does seem a bit ridiculous I would call her and complain, she's hard to get a hold of might be better, lmk if you need her email address I have it.