Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fuck it.

I am so fucking frustrated right now it's not even close to funny.  I'm actually frantically typing this through my tears.  WHAT.THE.FUCK.  I'm so fucking tired of making an effort in life just to get fucked.  What's my issue today?  My issue today is that I'm poor white trash.  The specific problem?  I have no fucking dental coverage.  So, my daughter has a spacer in her mouth that should have "popped out" according to the dentist that put it in 6 years ago.  I have a son with at least one cavity. AND I have an abcessed tooth because a fucking cavity fell out. 

So, I got some putty shit to plug the hole in my tooth which is fine for now unless there's a big ugly infection in there then things could go real bad.  I've called almost 20 dentists in the past week or so.  Getting the tooth pulled will cost me between $300-500.  A root canal will cost me between $1700-2500.  WHERE THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSE TO GET THAT.  I can't even afford to live let alone have a spare $300 for someone to pull out a tooth.

Today I got the bright idea to contact "Carefree dental."  WHAT A MOTHER FUCKING JOKE.  First, I have to be a patient of carefree medical.  Um, I don't need a primary care. I don't go to the doctor unless I'm near to dead and then I only go to redi-care.  Not necessary.  AND THEN after I make them my "primary care"  THEN THEN THEN there is ONLY an 8 month wait to get into the dental part. 


Whatever, if I die from a fucking infection in my mother fucking tooth, please forward this on to all the fucking bastards that have made it impossible for we poor people (you know, 90% of the fucking population of the US) to get dental/medical care.  FUCK THEM.

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  1. I understand, we HAVE dental insurance, but it sucks so bad I still can't get my teeth fixed. However I was able to get a molar pulled for $50, I think it was Great Expressions...not that I'd recommend that place, but it was affordable(I guess) and got rid of the problem. I have a broken wisdom tooth, a broken molar, and several cavities. All the dentist offices want cash up front for the portion my insurance won't cover ($450+), I totally FEEL your pain, cause mine ain't going away anytime soon.