Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whoa - that's a WHOLE lotta siblings....

Yeah, I get that a lot.  How many siblings do you have, Jamie?  Welllllll, do you want me to list them?!?!?!  Christina, Missy, Carolynn, Toinette, Chad, RikkiDawn, Alleysha, Ellen, JD, Harley, and of course, Trista.  Is that everybody?  Sometimes I get confused....I try not to leave anyone out, but you can see where it can be a bit of a pain, eh?

Here's the thing.  We didn't grow up traditionally - like "normal" brothers and sisters.  We are probably the poster children for "Dysfunctional Families."  As a matter of fact, if you went into that new store....Toys for Screwed up Kids....there are little barbie sized dolls of all of us in there.  The funny thing is, for the most part - we're not completely screwed up adults.  We have our issues, but we're ok.

I've had my issues with all of them at some point or another - cept Chad, Ellen, JD, and Trista.  But, that's what siblings are suppose to do, right?  We're suppose to have issues - or arguments and work through them?  I can tell you that I am incredibly glad that I got the opportunity to meet every last one of them.  Each person has helped to shape me into who I am and I am eternally greatful for that. 

I have great memories....shall I share?!  Let's see, there's the story about me hitting the deer with my mother's car.  It was during winter break my one year at MSU and I was living with 6 of them and my other mom.  When I pulled into the driveway and ran crying into the house yelling for the phone to call my grandfather, my darling, loving, sensitive little (10 yr old) brother ran outside to check out the damage.  Just about the time I had calmed down he comes screaming back into the house "THERE'S STILL DEER GUTS ON THE CAR!!!"  He was not my favorite right then.

How about doing some killer car dancing after having a stellar flour fight in my kitchen (after an attempt - and failure - of making fudge AGAIN) with RikkiDawn.  I believe we were going to the store to get more flour as we ran out after throwing it all over each other.  Yeah, so I got pulled over - because we were dancing.  I believe the police officer thought I was drunk.

Carolynn - well, my favorite story with her I am going to choose not to share on here...but it has to do with "parking the bar."

Toinette's I'm also not going to share on here - it has something to do with public urinating....Quality Dairy....

Last year right around this time, we had a "friend" move into Jason's room.  He was a rather fuzzy and creepy looking "friend."  I am still not convinced that he wasn't a vampire bat, but thanks to some MAD tennis racket skills, Alleysha Marie saved the day.

Christina, Jd, and Harley - two words....CAKE. FIGHT.

I don't think I can pick just one with Missy.  Then again, maybe I can.  I happen to remember a food fight at her place one night....THAT was FANTASTIC!

Ellen's so young and I missed so much....but honestly, one of my ABSOLUTE favorites, is playing pretty pretty princess at the hospital....for as crappy as the situation was, we had a great time - or at least I did.

I'm not going to go into the multitude of amazing times I've had with Trista.  The memories we have are endless.  Snowball fights, nights spent playing skip bo, scrapbooking, getting married, having babies....we have a lot.

Whatever, anyways, I'm rambling....that's a sure sign I should go to bed.

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