Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let me educate you...

First of all, let me start by saying - WE ARE ALL FRICKIN POOR. Ok, maybe not everybody in the whole world, but the lion's share of us are poor.  Yes, there are different levels of poor, but still.  We struggle here too.  We live off of one income.  That's 4 people and a four legged beast from hell surviving on one income.  It IS possible.  So, for all you damn whiners - SHUT. UP.  For those of you that are "disabled" - and no, I am not referring to those out there who actually are disabled, I'm talking about the douche bags that pretend to be so that MY tax dollars can support their lazy asses - I also only get paid once a month.

What's my problem?  I like my job.  I like what I do.  I'm good at it.  I'm a bitch which makes me perfect for the job.  That said, billing is NOT fun.  If you're interested in a job that is redundant - this is a good job for you. If you like - no LOVE - to have people calling you names and telling you are stupid you are on a daily basis - this job is PERFECT for you. 

Let me help you understand a few things.

1. I do not, nor am I required by law, to bill your health insurance.  That's right - you read that correctly.  The doctors that you see regularly and even those when you have surgery have courtesy billers.  There is no law that states that ANY doctor has to bill your insurance.  Your doctors CHOOSE to bill your insurance to help you out.  You have NO idea the hassle it is dealing with these insurance companies. So, instead of calling to whine about your bill, you should be calling to thank them for billing your insurance. They could just make you pay up front and have YOU bill your insurance.  How does that sound?

2. Contrary to what you tell me constantly - I am NOT stupid.  As a matter of fact, I am an educated woman.  I even carry a college degree.  Do you?  No, most of you that call and scream at me about MY stupidity probably did not even make it out of high school let alone college. You might want to watch the name calling, it isn't taken lightly and doesn't help your cause.

3. No, we do not randomly tack on extra charges just for fun. Not that the thought hasn't crossed my call me a bitch - there's an extra $5 charge, you scream at me - there's another $5, you feel the need to tell me I'm stupid - how about $5 more?  Don't I wish I could do that, but I can't.  For one, it's illegal and for two, I would lose my job.  We can, however, charge late fees and you're lucky our office only charges $3. 

4. It is NOT our problem.  We couldn't care less if you don't pay your $4.99 copay.  It's not OUR credit that will be destroyed.  WE are not the ones that "need" to see the doctor.  It IS your insurance, your doctor, your bill and therefore YOUR PROBLEM.  You don't want to pay?  No problem, we'll send that on over the collection agency right now.  Have a nice day.

5. After screaming and yelling at a billing office employee, it is probably NOT in your best interest to then ask for a discount.  Really?  Are you THAT dumb?

6. No, our doctors do not over charge.  What you need to pay attention to is those little papers you get in the mail from your insurance company.  What papers?  Right, I forgot, you can't read.  They are called explanations of benefits.  Those papers tell you what we charge, what your insurance pays, what you may owe and WHAT THE DOCTORS HAVE TO WRITE OFF.  Write off = loss of money.  So, on average if you have say Medicare as your insurance and you come in for an office visit, we charge $75.  Whoa - expensive?  (My kids doctor charges $105 for the same level of service)  Medicare pays our doctors a whopping $19.94 and leaves you a $4.99 copay.  What happens to the rest?  We have to write it off.  So, no, we are not overcharging - actually, our doctors get screwed.

7. No, I will not call your insurance company for you.  Why?  First, please refer to #4.  Second, we have over 100,000 patients.  If we stopped to call the insurance companies for each of these patients, we wouldn't ever get any work done.  Do it yourself.

8. If I made a mistake, I WILL admit I screwed up and correct the problem immediately.  I am not perfect.

9. Your insurance company will lie to you.  Why?  Because they want to hold the money as long as possible or because they don't like paying medical claims - take your pick.  Regardless, if you want the truth, do a three way call with your insurance, you and me.  You will see who is lying. 

I'm sorry your life sucks.  I'm sorry that you're a loser and can't be bothered to get a job or suck it up and take some aspirin, but that's not my fault nor is it my problem.  I don't call your home and tell you how stupid you are or that you are a loser and a waste of space....don't do that to me.  I can assure you, I will NOT be nice.

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  1. Whew.. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the ignorant public!