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Monday, January 30, 2012

Asshole Parents.

Hey, guess what???  For once, this has nothing to do with me personally.  Obviously, it has affected me indirectly because I'm blogging, but this is not about me.  This is about someone that I care about. I'm a sucker for kids.  So, when someone hurts a kid that I care about, I want to cause them great bodily harm.

Here's the thing, many of us have multiple children.  Many of us have multiple children in sports.  Some of us have split families and mixed families.  I know of a couple lucky kids who have mom, dad, step-mom, and step-dad at almost every event.  That's AWESOME!  I love parents that can pull it together for the kids and be adult enough to support their children.  FANTASTIC!!!

What I cannot stand AT ALL are parents who play favorites.  I cannot stand parents who choose only to support one child.  I cannot stand parents who choose to only attend events for one child.  THAT IS BULLSHIT.  YOU gave birth to that child.  IT IS YOUR DAMN RESPONSIBILITY AS A PARENT TO SUPPORT THAT CHILD.  You don't get to decide that Fat Suzy is more talented and therefore the only one you're going to support while Sloppy Steve gets left behind.  What.ever.

I don't think these asshole parents stop to think for just one second the damage they are doing to their child.  Do you realize that all that kid wants is for you to show you care?  Do you realize that all he/she needs is to feel like he/she is special to you?  Do you know that by not supporting what he/she is doing that you make him/her feel unworthy?

I know.  How do I know?  I know I said this wasn't about me and it's not, but I do know that feeling.  Granted, I was out of school but I spent years wishing that I could be special for him.  It has taken me FOREVER to finally accept things as they are and to realize that it's not my fault.  I cannot understand why anyone would do this to any child.  It is beyond me.  

I watched someone I care about cry - watched a heart break - felt that hurt all over again and could do nothing.  It doesn't matter that that person means the world to me.  It does not matter that if I could, I would be that person's mom.  I am not who that person needs - that person needs the asshole parent that couldn't be bothered to give a fuck.

Someday, the person that cried will realize that the asshole parent isn't worth the time of day.  It will be at that point that the asshole parent will realize what she fucked up.

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  1. Only if you are lucky with that ass hole parent even care that they f'd up. Will it make a difference to the parent? Only if the parent wakes up and realizes what they have done and makes an effort to correct it. Most ass hole parents, not only don't get it, they don't care.