Thursday, June 16, 2011


I am so annoyed with this bullshit I am currently hearing on the radio.  I know that there are people out there that are homophobic and that's ok.  I'm not.  I have no issue with homosexuality.  I am a "to each their own" kind of person.  I don't like the flamboyant obnoxious displays of affection - but I am not a fan of that from heterosexuals either.

So, I'm listening to this morning show on a local radio station (that I despise as I feel it is totally inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18 and yet the station targets the younger kids - I digress...).  Today is "free advice Thursday."  This always involves some form of trash calling in to get advice - i.e. the first lady who needed advice on how to get her significant other to "give it up."  *sigh* REALLY?!?!?!  Who calls a radio station for that shit?  Again, I digress.

The second caller is the one that has me all pissed off.  This "mother" calls in about her son.  She is angry at her husband because said husband has not gotten their son involved in sports.  (Apparently it is solely a father's responsibility to get a boy involved in sports).  The son (I missed the kid's age) wants to go to a band camp and some other performance camp.  This woman called in all concerned and asking for advice on what to do because she doesn't want to send her son to band camp because SHE DOESN'T WANT TO ENCOURAGE HIM TO BE GAY.

You have got to be seriously fucking kidding me.  I'm so damned tired of people judging others.  IT'S NOT YOUR GOD DAMN PLACE.  You don't "catch" homosexuality.  Not every guy that plays an instrument is gay.  Shockingly enough, not every guy that acts is gay either - WILL SMITH YOU MORONS.  Gonna tell me he's gay??? 

What the hell is wrong with people??  What's wrong with gay people??  I have a few gay friends and quite a few gay/lesbian acquaintances.  SO FUCKING WHAT.  They are people - just like you and I.  The only difference is their sex life and to be completely honest with you - I don't want to know about yours, or theirs anymore than I want you to know about mine. 

Yes, there are those of you that are going to ask me if I want my son to be gay.  Duh, of course not.  I hope that both of my kids grow up as heterosexuals, get married, have kids, blah blah blah.  Why?  Not because I would be embarrassed.  NO NO NO.  Because life will be so much harder for them if they are homosexual - look at the number of people reading this judging homosexuals right now.  THAT I do not want for my kids. 

My point here is - if you want to spew your bullshit, don't do it on the radio.  Just makes people like me want to call in and tell you what a low life piece of judgemental garbage you are and to send your husband a check to pay for your son's band camp/music lessons.

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  1. Amen! I agree wholeheartedly...I don't listen to said radio show, as the only I can stomach in the morning is WITL as least it's something that my kids can safely listen to AND (SHOCKER I KNOW) they're also funny! Now I guess if ya don't like country music, NASCAR, or hunting ya might not enjoy it BUT at least it's kid friendly AND entertaining. There's a lot worse things my kids could grow up to be than gay. Yes, I hope they are all heterosexuals too but ya just can't predict that. I will always love them just as much either way.