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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bill collectors that can suck my A$$

So, back in the day, I may have had some issues paying some bills.  As in I never had any money and never paid medical bills.  All this resulted in my credit being in the toilet.  I realized (a bit later than I should have) that my credit being in the toilet was not doing me any favors.  So, for the past, roughly, 9 years I have busted my ass to repair my credit.  It's pretty good now - not great yet, but pretty damn good.

Medical bills I am pretty quick to pay along with the normal day to day stuff.  Why?  Cuz regardless what people tell you, medical bills DO make a difference on your credit.  Those looking at your credit to consider whether they want to loan you money WILL look at those medical bills. 

Right, so, the purpose for my blog (because I'm rather pissed off at the moment - of course) is this woman that called me today.  I understand that it's not her fault and she's just doing her job, but if you're going to call me and harrass me YOU BETTER FUCKING LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.

Here's the scenario - in January of 2008 we ended up at the hospital for a child.  It was nothing major - but some of the services had to be done at the hospital.  I, being the loyal employee that I am, chose to go to, um where I thought I should? (F.A.I.L.). Never in my life have I come across more incompetent billing staff.  I've got no beef with the doctors/nurses, but GOOD FRICKIN GOD YOU ASSHOLES, IT'S NOT THAT HARD.  Anyway, I received a bill for a portion of my deductible.  It was around $66.  So, I called them to make a payment over the phone as I thought that would be easier than sending a check. *insert hysterical laughter here.*

I call.  I speak to some dumb ass twit who takes my credit card number, expiration date, cv code, street address, and zip code.  Fabulous.  So it's all good, right?  No, this rinky dink backwards jacked up hillbilly run billing office does not run the card with you on the phone and give you a confirmation number - why?  WELL DUH - because their employees are incompetent jackasses of course.  So, a few weeks later, I get a call from said dumb ass twit.  She tells me my credit card was rejected.

Ok, 5 years ago, it would have been entirely quite possible and pretty probable that my card would be rejected.  Now, absolutely not.  I'm not bragging - we're far from rich, but we make damn sure that there is money in there at all times.  While speaking with the dumb ass twit, it comes to my attention that she is also hard of hearing.  For when I gave her my street numbers of 1560, she heard 1506 and is therefore what was put into the credit card machine.  *sigh*  Fine, accidents happen, no biggie.  So, she once again thanks me and hangs up.

Two weeks later - oh yes, a new dumb ass twit calls me.  My card has been "rejected."  Please refer to the previous paragraph.  Once again we have to go over all of my information and oddly enough, they have fouled up the expiration date.  Right, at this point, I'm slightly annoyed and I told the girl that.  She apologizes profusely, assures me it will be taken care of and hangs up the phone.

Unfortunately, the story does not end here.  We got at least 3 more bills and at least 3 more phone calls from these blithering idiots.  They fouled up the credit card number, the expiration again and something else.  I finally informed them that I was done.  I have attempted to pay the bill multiple times and that the fact that they are stupid is not my problem.  I'm done.  NOT. PAYING. THE. DAMN. BILL.  Eat your stupid $66.

Fast forward to today - I received a phone call at work - which always pisses me off from some woman who started off the conversation after I said hello by saying "Put Phillip on the phone."  Ha.  Yeah, you obviously don't know who you are speaking to.  First of all, don't call me and then dictate orders, bitch.  You want something from me, you better speak nicely.  Second, who the hell is this crazy cow asking for "Phillip" - there are about 3 people on this planet that can get away with calling him that and this unknown elephant on the phone was not one of them.  I, being my polite and kind self said, "Excuse me?"  To which she asked who she was speaking with.  Yep, that annoys the fuck out of me too.  YOU called MY phone.  If you don't know who you're calling, I'm not interested.  Peace out, biotch. 

Of course, right before I hung up - she dropped the "magic" word - debt.  So, I (still being nice-ish) asked what she wanted.  She references the above issue with Ingham.  I started to explain to her the issue and she said - "Whatever your pointless excuses, I am not interested.  I am collecting a debt and none of your foolish sob stories will work on me, I have heard them all.  You need to pay your bill presently or we will take you to court."

Well, as you can imagine, with my calm and quiet tendencies, that went over REAL response to her was - something along the lines of "Go ahead and take me to court for $66.  I documented every conversation I have had about this bill. It's going to cost you more to drag me into court than it will to send me another bill. Do what you have to do."

Here's where she really pissed me off. Her reply?  "You deadbeats are the all same." 

I'm not going to post my reply on here as it was not overly polite.  So, my advice - never ever try to pay a bill local hospitals using your credit card - always send a check.

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  1. Wow...I get pretty rude w/ them, but I've never had any of them speak to me like that. That's ridiculous. I'd call her supervisor, did you get her name?