Friday, February 1, 2013

Have you ever wanted to....

just punch an idiot right in the face?!  Had one of those days where everyone you came into contact with was a complete asshole?  Yeah, me neither.  And I certainly wouldn't be having a day like that on a Friday.  

People are assholes.  Yes, I realize this is a theme with the majority of my blogs, but I can't help it.  I blog about what pisses me off.  Assholes piss me off and therefore I blog.  Let's take problem child number 1 which actually happens to be from the other day but still bugs the fuck out of me.

#1.  I do not care if you are divorced.  I do not care if you are pissed off at your ex-spouse.  I do not give even one teeny tiny rat's ass what your divorce decree says.  If you have a medical bill for the child that you two stupid asses decided to have together - YOU JACKASSES NEED TO FIGURE IT OUT.  Do not call me and tell me your life story and whine about how the ex is an asshole and screwed you over and therefore has to pay the medical bills.  I don't care.  Do not give me 4 different addresses to where to send the bill so your ex will pay it.  GROW THE FUCK UP.  You are an adult.  You have a child with someone you are no longer with.  So?  Between the two of you, you need to figure it out.  It's not my business, it's not my problem.  I don't care.  Bottom line, you don't figure it out - it goes to collections and fucks your credit.  Still not my problem.

#2. This has been addressed multiple times, but obviously these assholes don't read my blog.  (Can you please share my blog with these assholes so maybe they will learn?)  Do NOT call my office and bitch at my staff about how they fucked something up and scream and rant about how we are stupid.  That will get you nothing but one pissed off manager on the phone.  First, if you want to know why you got a bill - EVEN IF YOU THINK WE FUCKED UP - you need to be a human being and speak like you have at least an ounce of class and a third grade education.  We are, after all, human and therefore we do make mistakes.  I promise you, if I screwed something up, I will fess up and do whatever I need to do to correct the problem.  HOWEVER, calling me and yelling at me and telling me I screwed up and that we'll just have to go to court over it and then calling me a fucker because you thought you hung up the phone isn't going to help your cause.  Don't be shocked when you tell me you will never use this hospital or our services again when I say, "We would greatly appreciate that."  Why would you be shocked?  You've been a dickwad this whole time.  Why the fuck would we want you as a patient again?

Ok, I think that's it for the moment.  There are others that I just can't bring myself to whine about at the moment, I will wait until later.  Have a lovely Friday....

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