Wednesday, May 2, 2012

T-2....It could happen....

I was unable to sleep last night as I could not shut my brain off.  I tossed and turned pondering all the things that need to get done prior to graduation.  I pondered the stuff that needed to be done at work and home and how I could manage to accomplish them all.  When I finally (half-assed) shut my brain off, I had a GREAT (and by GREAT, I mean "great") dream.  It went a little like this....

I was all dressed for graduation.  I was in my "pretty" (read:  ugly) cap and gown and my cute little outfit underneath.  I was wearing my favorite pair of wedges (the same ones I intend - intended? - to wear Friday).  Here's where it's a little shady.  I know big college graduations they just introduce the degree - for example, "BSB/ACC" and everyone (with that degree) stands up and then sits down.  Amen, you have graduated. 

However, in my dream it was like high school.  So, there I go wandering up the ungodly high steps and across the 4 1/2 mile straight away to shake some creepy dude's hand and get my pretend degree.  All is fine and good until, well, I tripped.

Not only did I trip, I fell flat on my face.  Ugh. *sigh*  I fear this will happen.

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  1. They always make you walk across whatever stage they have. And you did awesome!!!!!!