Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wow. Did that just happen?

Ok, well.  Gosh, I don't even know how to start this.  Let me start by saying, those of you who know me - really know me - know that I find somethings that are rather, well, shall we say tasteless?? - rather funny.  Those of you that know my family know what makes us (well three of us) laugh.  We burp.  We fart.  We might even have unofficial contests.  HOWEVER, ya gotta draw the line at some point.

Why must I blog about this?  Ha.  Let me share the conversation I just had.  I had to call a patient to get information that the hospital failed to get (as usual).  So, I call the patient and this is how the conversation goes...

Me:  "May I speak to Nas T. Ass?"

Patient:  "This is Nas T. Ass."

Me:  " Good morning, Mr. Nas T. Ass, I am calling from this fine establishment to get some information in regard to the thing you had.  We were given blah blah blah, but need blah blah blah."  (Sorry, HIPAA - gotta be careful)

Patient:  "Crap."  Long pause.  "Well, I can get you that information..." (Oh how I wish he had ended the sentence right there.) "But, I'm in the hospital right now, as we speak, on the toilet."

Me:  Dead silence.  Holding back a snort.  "Ok, Mr. Nas T. Ass, I'll give you a call again in a few days."

I, of course, then hung up the phone and just sat here at my desk staring at it.  SERIOUSLY?!?!  WHO ANSWERS THEIR CELL PHONE WHILE SITTING ON THE SHITTER?!?!?  AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE STILL IN THE DAMN HOSPITAL.

I have zero faith in humanity.

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