Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who can't write?

So, I bitched early on about this class that I am currently taking.  (Thank goodness it's over in a week.)  My big complaint was that I have been in school for a little over 3 years and have NEVER received lower than a 90% on a paper - actually, I do not believe I have ever received lower than a 95%, however, we'll run with the 90%.  Anyways, this "instructor" SLAUGHTERED my first paper.  He gave me a 79% and informed me that I needed to take a course on how to write papers as mine was full of fluff and grammatical errors.  If you know me, you know first of all that I grew up around a bunch of well educated adults.  Both my mother and grandmother were teachers and my mother majored in English.  Needless to say, grammar, spelling, punctuation - ALL of that was beaten into my head at a very young age.  So, I was pissed.  Well, below is an example of the way this fantastic instructor writes...I have posted my comments in red - red as in YOU SUCK JACKASS.

Hope all of you are doing. (Hope you are doing what? Jumping jacks? Eating your veggies? Pondering the price of tea in china?) Before you know it, the course coming to an end. (The course coming to an end?  Do you proof read Mr. Know-it-all?) I know that this course was challenging to some of you, but I am sure you have and will benefit from the knowledge gained from this course.

This week will be a quiet week with no participation requirements so that you can focus your time and energy on the final paper and exam. No DQ responses or participation of any kind will be required, but feel free to ask questions. Please also a post ( as a team ) a summary (I'm sorry, what was that?  "Please also a post a summary?"  Is that English?  Do you need to eemprove your Inklish?) of what you learned from this course under the weekly summary thread as well as the Assignments Folder.

Mmmhmm, and this would be why I don't much care what my grade is in this class.  Obviously teacher be edumacated some country else.

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  1. So, Mr. Iraqistanindian has a wonderful command of the English language. Please tell me, what exactly were you supposed to be learning from this idiot?