Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Three F's

I'm the kind of person who will give props to companies who I feel earn it.  That said, I am also the kind of person who will tear a business apart if they screw up.  So, let's talk.  The three F's for today are:  FANTASTIC FINDS FAIL.

Right, so I've been in a few weddings...*snicker* Let me first say, I have no idea why anyone would want me in their wedding.  I'm not the nicest person on the planet.  However, in these weddings, there have never been any major mishaps.  We might have had disagreements on the colors or styles of dresses or disagreements about other little things, but never anything that was potentially disastrous.

Please fast forward to the current wedding.  My little sister, Alley, is getting married on September 10, 2011.  I am blessed and honored to have been asked to be a bridesmaid in this wedding.  On May 1 we ordered and paid for our dresses.  There are only 3 of us - shouldn't be that difficult.  2 dresses are chocolate brown and 1 is an olive/minty greenish.  

One month ago, Alleysha found out that the chocolate brown dresses had been ordered in the wrong color.  MIND YOU - they told us that we were going to be pushing it to get the dresses in in enough time to have alterations done.  Fine, accidents happen.  Whatever.  The issue was taken care of and they corrected the problem, right?

Alleysha sent me a text today to let me know that my dress was in.  Scuse me? Why did they not notify me?  The best part - they didn't call her either.  They called my other sister.  They did not call the bride or the maid of honor.  They called the other bridesmaid. (please note the raised eyebrow)  Yeah, I was annoyed.  If my dress is in, you need to call me. I paid for the damn thing.  You charged MY credit card.  NOTIFY ME.  So, Alley gave them hell for being stupid as she was told that they had "sent out letters" to notify us.  You're kidding me, right?

The last wedding I was in, when the dress came in, I got an email AND a phone call.  So, I called the morons.  I am told that they do not make phone calls.  I asked if that is the case, why did you call one of the other bridesmaids??  The response??  Nervous titter "Ohhh, I just don't know."  Fine, whatever.  I will pick it up.

I drive to Fantastic Fuck Ups this evening to pick up my dress.  The woman brings me a dress.  It CLEARLY states on the label that it is "mocha" colored.  I don't know where these people learned their colors, but the dress is OBVIOUSLY NOT mocha.  It's no kind of brown whatsoever.  So, I fix her with the stupid stare and state, "that's the wrong color."  She gives me the deer in the headlights look and says, "it is?"  Because I obviously have no idea what I'm talking about.  She then rushes to her computer proceeds to hmmmm and ohhhh and mmmmhmmmm.  She informed me that she would contact them immediately but not before she does a little gasp and says, "Oh dear, this is an early September wedding."  

Well no shit, ya damn genius.  That is also clearly labeled on the stupid tag.  So where are we at now?  I have no idea.  The dress is the wrong color.  The wedding is in 6 weeks and I'm apparently just going to have to pray that my fat ass will fit into whatever I end up wearing.

Did I mention that my sister is a complete and utter basket case right now (and rightly so)?!?!?  *sigh*  Love you, Alleycat.  This will work out.


  1. I've never ordered from Fantastic Finds, but I have from Davids and let me tell you they are just as big a asshats as that. Not only do they screw things but they are snobby, rude, bitches as well. We need a bridal store in this town that doesn't suck!

  2. I remember this! i like your new name you have for them too! lol. And Ladybrinx, I ordered flower girl dresses from Davids and they messed that up too!!! I had NO luck with the dresses we ordered. The only dress i got with no problems were the ones o bought off the rack!